Wilson Central School

The fish owned by the Wilson School District is displayed at 412 Lake Street in Wilson, New York. The fish was donated to the district by the family of Maureen O’Connor Evans, in her memory. It has a floral theme since Mrs. Evans loved flowers and spending time in gardens. This fish was designed and painted by eighth grader Audrey Wagner.

A little history...
The first schoolhouse appeared in the town of Wilson in 1819, made of logs with a student population of twelve. By 1859, there were seventeen different school districts in the area. The Union Free School District Number One was eventually formed when four of the districts joined together in 1869. Additionally, the two-story Wilson Collegiate Institute had already been built from cobblestones in 1845, across the street from where Wilson High School is now located.

The Wilson Central School District is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in the quaint village of Wilson, New York. The district is made up of two elementary schools, and a combined middle/high school.

Mrs. Evans was a WCS alumni and worked at the high school as both a nurse and guidance counselor.

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