Meet the Artists

Fish owners could choose their artists from four different student age levels: elementary, middle school, high school or alumni. Students created a sketch, based on input from the fish owner, before painting began. While students worked on their drawings, the fiberglass fish were being created at Hadley Exhibits, in Buffalo, New York.
 Art students involved in the project were: Lindsay Schmidt, Renee Farley, Stephanie Purgarich, Audrey Wagner, Kiersten Simmons, Megan Buzzard, Madeleine Kemp, Emmett Dinse, Anthony Taravella, Jackson Rotella, Faith Herlan, Isabella Schultz, Emily Kelly, Matthew Couturier, Gerry Price, Joe St.Onge, Raechel Blasius, Julia Seider and Mitchell Peck. Alumni artists included: Jeff Dabill, Marley McCormick and Lisa Kurilovitch. Additionally Marcella Walck created the print brochure and Troy Chiappone created this website. Art teachers who supervised the students included: Brian Baker, Chad LaFever, Emily Morrissey, Lynn Bewley and Vicki Taylor, with assistance from librarian Maureen Mahar. District grant write Charles Jufer also pursued grant opportunities to help fund the project.